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Keeping technology in its place

Most modern technology strikes a balance between being functional and fitting in with your home’s aesthetic. With some useful tech, this is harder to achieve than with others. Take video calling. If futuristic films of decades past were to be believed, we’d all have had video phones on our walls, the way we used to have landline phones. That’s not the case–at least not in most homes. Instead, it may be a tablet held in our hands, our smartphones, or a laptop balance on our laps. Yes, they give us the ability to see our friends and loved ones or even to work from home with the promise of video conferencing with your boss. But these solutions never look part of your home.

Colour matching

If you want your technology to blend in with your home, you can find professional standard equipment for example NEETs soundbars that enhance the audio quality of your calls that come in a range of colours. Choose the right one and instead of looking like an ugly gadget that doesn’t belong, it can feel like a true part of the room.


Choosing the right location for your gadgets is important. TVs mounted on walls can be less intrusive, while ones on stands might dominate the room too much. If you want to use your TV to make video calls, you may find it makes more sense to use a soundbar than separate camera and speakers. It’s easier to site it so it doesn’t look out of place and you avoid all the unsightly extra cables while minimising compatibility issues. With the right equipment you can bring your home up to date with technology without losing any of its charm. Ultimately, the best time to choose your tech solutions is when you’re planning your décor, make sure they match!