19. April 2020 0 Comments Renovations

The key to choosing floor material is its versatility.

Carrying on our article on renovation, let’s look at a fundamental piece of any interior: its floor.


Your choice of styles is vast. It could be wall to wall carpeted, bare floorboards, tiles, wooden flooring… or even something more unusual, say AstroTurf for a converted outhouse or barn you want to use for sport. Key considerations will always be: how easy the floor will fit with other styles or trends, how resilient it is, price, and whether you will need to remodel if you ever want to put your home on the market. The most versatile solution is likely to be the best investment. If you can easily change the style of a room by throwing a rug over the floor, or changing the veneer you’ll end up with a space that you will still be satisfied with years after renovations. Let’s face it, who wants to have to keep working on their home? You want to get it right first time.


What’s the most versatile option? A quality hardwood floor. It lets you change your look without ever losing that feel of quality and solidity beneath. You can have a large carpet, or several rugs to create a different atmosphere. If you decided to fully carpet over, you know you can always strip it back to the effortless elegance of wood. Where exposed floorboards can come in and out of fashion, and leave you feeling that your home is unfinished, a hardwood floor is a look that you can rely on to always come back on trend if it ever leaves it.

Exploring hardwood floors

So where to begin your search? Find hardwood floors here. You’ll not that there are a range of styles available, and when installing your floor, modern conveniences like underfloor heating are worth considering.