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High-quality lifting solutions for the construction industry

During construction, there is a need to transport building materials from one part of the site to another, and to boost efficiency, high-quality lifting solutions that can be used to aid the transportation of these materials should be employed. Cranes are commonly used to transport materials on construction sites, however, for small-scale transportation (e.g. where the material has to be transported from one level to another) that needs one-person, other lifting solutions should be considered.

Apart from making tasks easier, providing alternatives like this as opposed to manual transportation goes a long way in ensuring that the safety and health of the workers on the construction site are well catered to. The contractor’s responsibility on the site apart from supervising the construction is to make sure that adequate work environments are in place.

As an advertisement, if you are on the lookout for high-quality lifting solutions for your construction site, you can always contact TRANSLYFT. They provide a wide array of lifting solutions for workers on a construction site. The equipment is user friendly (as they can be operated with little or no prior training) and boosts work efficiency.

Types of  available lifting solutions

  • Work Station: The work station is ideal for high rise building as construction materials like cement can be placed on the horizontal surface of the workstation and lifted to the workers.
  • Single, Double, or Triple Scissor Lifts: This usually comes as a single, double, or triple lift system that can be expanded and used to transport construction materials.
  • Pallet lifters: Pallet lifters are perfect for when a load has to be moved from one part of a store or warehouse to the other. This comes in handy when a lot of loads have to be transported at once and stacked on top of each other.
  • Loading Bays: The loading bay works with the mechanism of the single or double scissor lifts but the difference is that with the loading bay, there is a platform that juts outside if the body of the machine. It is perfect for collecting load directly from a vehicle, from which it can be taken to other places.
  • Good lifts: The good lifts can be used to transport loads from one level to another and it is very useful for construction sites or in retail shops. It also operates with the scissor lifts mechanism.

You can select a lifting solution based on the requirements of your construction site, manufacturing industry, or your retail store.

The relationship between providing lifting solutions and the health of workers

Providing lifting solutions in workplaces that require the lifting of a heavy load from one place to the other goes a long way in promoting good health for the workers. Lifting solutions prevent the possibility of back injuries that would arise from having to lift heavy objects from the ground to a higher surface all of the time. Different models and types are available based on the varying needs of the users and if tailor-made lifting solutions are required, TRANSLYFT can help out with that.